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A Fighting Chance Florida works to even the educational playing field one child at a time by ensuring children with suspected or diagnosed learning disorders have a fair shot at academic success.  We do this through providing access to educational advocacy, psychoeducational testing, and tutoring services for K-12 children in Orange and Osceola counties. 
While we understand the school systems are supposed to offer some of these services, we also know that many times, access to services involves a lot of red tape, and waiting.  The ongoing academic success of these students is dependent on timely and efficient access to services.  AFCF was bred from this urgency.

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Identifying your family's needs

In order to best serve your family, we need to assess your specific needs.  There are ways we can attempt to get what you need out of your school or school system, without outsourcing services.


Unlocking your child's potential

If it is determined that your child could benefit academically from being assessed for learning challenges, we will provide funding for a local pediatric psychologist to complete it.  Once the report is complete, we will then provide the findings to your child's school, with your expressed consent.


Ensuring continued success

We want to ensure that your child is equipped with the tools they need to be successful.  If needed, we can offer advocacy through the 504/IEP process.  Additionally, we can help in finding and securing tutoring resources.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

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Donating Made Easy

As always, we very much appreciate all of your support, as we continue to fight for Central Florida children with suspected or diagnosed learning disorders.  We invite you to do your Amazon shopping through Amazon Smile.  A portion of your purchase will be donated to our organization.